1. Underpayment Recovery: What is it and am I Owed Anything?

    While the numbers vary a bit, industry experts across the board agree that unpaid - and underpaid - medical claims amount billions of dollars in lost revenue for healthcare practices and organizations each year. Some reports estimate that an average of around 5.5% of claims are simply unpaid by insu…Read More

  2. Credit Balances & Medical Billing: Why So Risky?

    Credit Balances What is a credit balance? Credit balances occur when improper payments and adjustments are made to the practice and exceed the related posted charges. Often they are the result of increasingly complicated healthcare billing and payment processes. Credit balances are not “extra cas…Read More

  3. Top 5 Locations Physician Salaries Are Declining

    Source: Beckers Hospital Review "Physician compensation increased 5.1% on average nationwide in 2017, yet a few major metropolitan areas saw declines as great as nine percent, according to research compiled by Doximity. The study gathered data from 12,000 physician jobs posted in 2016 and 2017 on Do…Read More