Our cloud-based application (SaaS) transcription platform was not developed by programmers in a lab; it was developed in the marketplace for working hospitals and MTSO(s) and continually evolves based on our clients’ recommendations and requirements. Our web-based transcription platform is designed to integrate smoothly with your day-to-day operations, giving you the automation, reporting, features, and control you need to be competitive.


  • Medical transcriptionists (MTs) hired must pass stringent testing and must have at least two years of experience. Our MTs must have graduated from a reputable medical transcription school, but we do not hire MTs who are new graduates with no working experience, and experience with ESL dictators is a requirement. There will be a 100% review of newly hired or cross-training MTs until the quality of their work is deemed excellent.
  • We can hire your existing MT staff, though they will be on a production-based pay system.
  • We do not outsource overseas and only hire MTs residing in the United States with English as a first language.
  • We perform at least monthly random QA checks on all our MTs, on at least 3% of their work, providing them with a “report card” to include suggestions on how to improve. All MTs must exceed and maintain at least a 98.5% accuracy rate, based on AHDI standards.
  • Genesis guarantees our work and will correct our errors at our expense.

TURN-AROUND TIME (TAT): Our RCM company takes pride in providing consistently fast report TAT for our customers. The time period for delivery of reports shall be measured from the moment the dictation is available to Genesis to the moment the report is transcribed and available to the client. We assign a dedicated team of transcriptionists managed through sophisticated work prioritization and pooling processes to support TAT compliance. We have flexible resources to staff up with demand and cycle down when needed.

DICTATORS: With client approval, we can establish an educational process and feedback mechanism for dictators to improve dictation quality.